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Faculty Lecture Series: Creating a Culture of Critical Thinkers: Novice and Veteran Teachers Embrace Educational Reforms

Faculty Lecture Series: Creating a Culture of Critical Thinkers: Novice and Veteran Teachers Embrace Educational Reforms

Educational standards in the US have shifted in the last decade emphasizing the promotion of students’ critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving.  Students are now expected to be able to construct arguments based on evidence to explain a phenomenon—the focus now is on why and how rather than merely what. Dr. Mangiante’s research reveals how teachers, both prospective and veteran, have embraced innovative pedagogical strategies and educational reforms to create a classroom culture for collaborative problem-solving.  

Elaine Silva Mangiante, PhD is an Associate Professor of Elementary Science, Mathematics and Engineering Design Education at Salve Regina University.  Formerly, she served as a professional development specialist with The Education Alliance at Brown University for educational reform in high-poverty districts as well as a science specialist and mathematics curriculum coordinator for a K-8 school where she mentored early career teachers.  Currently, as a university teacher educator, her research interests include examining how teachers who work in high-poverty school districts plan for reform-based science education and create a collaborative climate for elementary students’ scientific discourse and engineering problem-solving.  Her scholarly publications, presentations, and consulting work focus on effective teaching practices for science and engineering design education in urban schools, elementary science pedagogy for critical thinking, elementary students’ negotiation of engineering design ideas, purposeful on-going mentoring, and teacher development from novice to expert. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2020
4:00pm - 5:30pm
McKillop Library - East Wing
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Displays in the Library

1st and 2nd Floors 

Celebrating Our Planet

In celebration of Environmental Awareness Month in April, you'll find the display titled "Active Hope" on the first floor, and in the Curriculum Resource Center on the second floor, find your favorite title in children's books. 

Displays by: Lisa Kenyon, Education and Instruction Librarian, Gretchen Sotomayor, Special Programs Librarian, and Miranda Gallagher, Class of '23

2nd Floor Curriculum Resource Center

National Poetry Month 

Browse selections from the CRC collection of poetry books.  

Display by: Lisa Kenyon, Education and Instruction Librarian 

1st Floor, McKillop Cafe

Mental Health and Wellness 

As we head into these final weeks of the semester, take a break with these titles on mental health and wellness. 

Display by: Lisa Kenyon, Education and Instruction Librarian


3rd floor

Dreaming in Green 

To get us through the winter, this display highlights images and books from Special Collections depicting gardens, cultural landscapes, and botany. Items displayed include historic postcards, botany texts, and images of local gardens throughout history.

Find this display on the 3rd floor of the library, the silent study floor and home to the main collection of books. 

Display by: Genna Duplisea, Archivist & Special Collections Librarian

1st Floor

diversity display

Archives and Special Collections: Having a Field Day

Black-and-white photos from the University Archives provide a glimpse into the history of athletics at Salve Regina. This display is on the first floor of the library, in the glass cabinet near the Research Help Desk.

Display by: Genna Duplisea, Archivist & Special Collections Librarian